Your Perfect Companion

The Dog Calming Code - A journey of Soulful Success and Canine Connection!


  • Unleash Joy and Playfulness

  • Build a Two-Way Trust

  • Empower Both Ends of the Leash

  • Create Lasting Memories

  • Be reminded that your pet is an individual with their own thoughts and feelings.

  • Gain a deeper soul connection with your pet

  • Transform Behavioral Challenges

  • Open Lines of Communicaton

  • Harmonize Your Home

  • Tap into a spiritual level of understanding with your pet

  • Develop an adaptive relationship with your animal that is more understanding and open

"Enriching Lives On Both Ends Of The Leash."

Here's the scoop: genuine obedience stems from a rock-solid bond with your dog.
It's more than just handing out treats like candy. If your furry friend doesn't heed your call in the fun moments, they won't in the crucial ones either.

The PAWS Paradox, developed by Jenn, bridges the communication gap with you and your dog, orchestrating a symphony of understanding and unity!
Are you ready to compose a melodious bond with your furry companion.

"Animals are not robots who need to be properly programmed to get them to behave. Animals have their own likes, dislikes, memories, soul journeys, thoughts, and emotions. They are not on earth to serve humankind, but are co-species on Planet Earth. They don't encourage you to be the alpha; instead, they ask you to be the emotional leader to create a climate of harmony."

Dogs Don't Come With Instructions

The PAWS Paradox - Bridges That Gap

"Enriching Lives, One Wag at a Time."

P: Positivity as a Foundation

A: Acknowledge and Celebrate

W: Work Together as a Team

S: Setting Clear Expectations

Is Intuitive Training Right for You

Embracing Positivity as the Cornerstone of our Approach

Recognizing and Celebrating Every Milestone Together

Cultivating Team

Work is Key

Setting Clear Expectations and Guidelines is Vital

The How To in Creating A Soulful Canine Kinship

The Calm Dog Code

"More than just a dog training program; it's a philosophy deeply rooted in love, understanding and positive connection.

Our group classes break the mold -they're not just for puppies!
We cater to all dogs, regardless of breed,
temperment, or age (4 months+for in person).
Think of it as a personalized seminar combined with hands-on training tailored to your needs and your furry friend's.
Struggling with a reactive, high-strung pup?

No Worries! We're here to guide you and swiftly bring that calm to your companion.

Anticipate a divers range of skills tackled, including basic to advanced obedience, refined leash manners, and behavior adjustments.
Whether it's distructive chewing, leash pulling or excessive barking we got you covered.

Lets embard on this training adventure together - a journey towards a harmonious bond between you and your pup! Can't wait to meet you and your delightful dogs.

Ready to Unleash Harmony?
Book Your Intro Consult Now!

Take the First Step Toward a Fulfilling Bond with Your Canine Companion. Let's Tailor a Personalized Strategy for a Harmonious Journey Together. Your Pet's Happiness Begins With a Click.





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What Clients Say

"After struggling with Marco's hyperactivity and constant feeling of chaos in our home, I was introduced to this transformative program. The Paws Paradox was a game-changer! Marco and I now share a peaceful home, and our bond is stronger than ever. Thank you Jenn, this program truly brings calm amidst the chaos."

Amanda & Marco

"I was at my wit's end with Paisley's behavioral challenges, feeling like I was failing as a pet parent. Discovering the Intuitive Pawsitioning program was a lifeline. Through insightful strategies and guidance, Paisley and I now live and play together harmoniously. This program is a beacon of hope for any pet parent seeking balance and understanding."

Marley & Paisley

Frequently Asked Question

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Intuitive Pawsitioning is a specialized program designed to shift consciousness and enhance the bond between pet owners and their furry companions. It utilizes the unique PAWS paradox to foster a deeper understanding, leading to a harmonious and well-behaved pet.

How does Intuitive Pawsitioning work?

Intuitive Pawsitioning involves understanding and applying the PAWS paradox, a methodology that aligns energies and communication between pet owners and pets. Through this, you can intuitively connect, communicate, and train your pet for a more enriching and fulfilling relationship.

Who is Intuitive Pawsitioning suitable for?

Intuitive Pawsitioning is ideal for all pet owners, regardless of the type or breed of their pet. Whether you're a first-time pet parent or have years of experience, this program is designed to deepen the connection and understanding between you and your furry friend.

Are there prerequisites to join the program?

No, there are no prerequisites to join Intuitive Pawsitioning. The program is tailored to accommodate pet owners at various stages of their journey, from beginners to experienced individuals seeking a more profound connection with their pets.

Are the sessions conducted online or in-person?

Currently, Intuitive Pawsitioning offers both online seminars and group classes. You can choose the format that suits you best, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your own home or in a group setting.

Is there ongoing support after the program ends?

Yes, participants receive post-program support, which may include access to a community forum, regular newsletters, or follow-up sessions to ensure continued growth and progress in your relationship with your pet.

How can I enroll in Intuitive Pawsitioning?

To enroll, visit our website and look for the upcoming seminars or group classes. Follow the registration process to secure your spot and embark on this transformative journey with your pet.

Can I ask specific questions about my pet during the program?

Yes, the program provides opportunities for questions and discussions during the sessions, allowing you to seek guidance on specific concerns related to your pet.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Please refer to our website or contact our support team to inquire about our refund policy and any guarantees associated with the Intuitive Pawsitioning program.

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